The Red Cross, Amsterdam has started the photo contest “People of Amsterdam. The goal is to find the best pictures of an Amsterdam resident. The inspiration came from the theme “Together in Amsterdam”. This is the title of the project with which the Red Cross is aiming to help Amsterdam residents in solitude or in social isolation. With this action the Red Cross is appealing for the ‘Amsterdammers’ to make themselves visible.
JenJenPR was asked to announce this project by doing PR through social media. JenJenPR also organized corporate communication by communication information towards various stakeholders.

More information Red Cross Amsterdam: www.rodekruisamsterdam.nl
More information project People of Amsterdam: www.peopleofamsterdam.nl


Verbond van Verzekeraars is an association of private insurers in the Dutch market. Members of the Association together represent more than 95 percent of the insurance companies. The Association is an independent association that is managed and financed by its members.
Through Social Media PR JenJenPR ensures that the marketing campaign “Datwordtmobielschademelden” for the Verbond van Verzekeraars is pushed to new heights. JenJenPR also supported the release by acquiring Miss Netherlands Melissa Sneekes as ‘co-passenger’. Also, support will be offered during some upcoming marketing campaigns and support for releasing news to the media .
More information marketing campaign: www.datwordtmobielschademelden.nl
More details Association of Insurers: www.verbondvanverzekeraars.nl


It’s happening on October 28, 2011. The first event in the Netherlands where the pure experience of showing yourself stands central! This is one day where you get the best out of yourself. If you like to take the time to give attention to both the inside (self experience) and outside (showing yourself): This is the event for you!

JenJenPR was called upon for the brainstorming and execution of free publicity. A strategy was developed containing both Free Publicity, Social Media PR and various marketing activities. For readers of this article JenJenPR has a special code with which you can get your own VIP tickets. Mail JenJenPR and the proper information will be sent to you.

More information: www.PUURervaren.nl



Two Italian twin brothers are ready to take over the Dutch artscene. They have painted for years and graduated in Italy. Through love they came one by one to The Netherlands. They were specially selected for be part of the national exhibition at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam this autumn.

JenJenPR was called upon to do social media PR and creating interaction on the website. Also, various brainstorms were deployed to shape the future PR and to formulate the target audience more specifically.

More information: www.calsolaroart.com



Giro 555 is a fundraiser organized by the SHO because of the drought and subsequent famine in the Horn of Africa. With the proceeds from Giro 555 medical advice, food and water is provided in the refugee camps.

JenJenPR took action to promote Giro 555 during the Gay Pride in Amsterdam. By bodypainting passers-by with 555 on different parts of the body the attention was called upon for this fundraiser. JenJenPR also organized the photography for this PR action.


More information: http://www.giro555.nl




X Noir Brut Rose is a French sparkling wine from winery Ackerman. The frivolous chic label of the pink bottle is striking. “The winery wants this campaign to underline the sense of eccentricity, enjoyment and being yourself” said Michel Le Roux of Alterego Marketing on behalf of Ackerman. On September 1, the winner will be announced on Facebook. After this Miss / Mr eXcentrique photo contest, the fight for the title eXcentrique Personality where X Noir Brut Rose searches for the most eccentric personalities in the Netherlands.

For X Noir, JenJenPR will be searching for eccentric and extraordinary people at the Gay Pride to photograph with a professional photographer who will be on location. Also, people who want the opportunity to submit their own photos can do so to excentrique@tagdevin.com, uploading to the Facebook page of X Noir or use the QR code on the back of the bottle scanning. The winner will win a VIP night out for two eXcentrique including limo, an intimate dinner in one of Amsterdam’s best restaurants, entrance into a hip club with VIP treatment and enough bottles x Noir Brut Rose for the entire evening.

X Noir Facebook page:

Mobile website Miss/Mr eXcentrique:



The Turkish Film Festival Amsterdam will take place in October 2011. The previous edition was well attended. For the 2011 edition, a new and larger location has been found and the new team is bustling with ambition.

JenJenPR was attracted to wake up the press, interacting with visitors on various social media platforms and to manage the agenda of the panel members and organizers for the interviews during the festival.

For more information: www.atff.nl



Equilibrimediation coaches, trains and turns goals into reality. For one of their clients are they looking for staff. For the production of promotional materials and texts Equilibrimediation came to JenJenPR.

JenJenPR provided the texts for use on various social media platforms and concepts for the final posters.

For more information: www.equilibrimediation.nl 




Openness attracts openness, so show it off. That is the vision of Judith Webber, who will be launching her first monthly ClubPuur social event on July 14, 2011. Through monthly get-togethers and an annual event, Judith Webber aims at spreading purity over the Netherlands.

ClubPuur stands for the pure connection between people. To show yourself through simple means. The goal is to spread these events over The Netherlands. JenJenPR is providing the off- and online promotion.

After the Amsterdam edition, which will take place every second Thursday of the month from the start, the ClubPuur socials will quickly spread to other places in the Netherlands. These will be set up with the same format: to bring togetherlike-minded people with minimal resources, provide a stage for sharing your story in different ways, and effortless networking.

More information about Club Pure: http://www.purehuman.nl/clubpuur/



Fourty students from Amsterdam and a team of theologians and pastors went on a trip last week to the Deutscher Evangelisher Kirchentag in Dresden. JenJenPR was also present.

Jennifer Delano of JenJenPR was asked to come along to Germany to provide promotional materials for the online promotion. One of the objectives of the trip was to generate attention for the ‘StudentenPastoraat’ of Amsterdam.

More information: www.ve90.nl

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